Wednesday, March 28, 2012

See this face?

This is a happy face! And there are so many of these little faces desperately desiring the smile that comes from the security of family and roots.

This child was brought to us through the gift of adoption. Though we do not live constantly reinforcing the fact that Hannah bame from China; she knows her story.

We tell it like it is.
She knows this.
Her sister also knows this.

As parents, we have already had difficult conversations that highlight the reality that Hannah came to us through a miracle...a miracle that changed our lives and convicts our hearts to always and forever try to unite other forever families and children.

My dear friend Michelle, is an adoptive mama that has made a difference. She has worked tirelessly on a calendar that will benefit children and families alike. Please visit Michelle, offer your support and pray about all of the children needing and wanting families of their very own.

I am off to order my calendars!! :)


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