Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Sure I am Ready...

for all the growing up they are doing!!

Both of our ladybugs have returned to school. Emily is in the third grade `nd Hannah is a happy Pre-K student! I am so thankful for the way that they are growing. Their teachers this year are lovely. I am going to attempt a little walk down memory lane with our first day of school pictures...

Emily, first day of third grade - September 8, 2010

With her third grade teacher, Mrs. Barnhart

Emily, first day of second grade - September, 2009

Emily, first day of first grade - September, 2008

Hannah, first day of Pre-K, 4 years old - September 14, 2010

Hannah, first day of Three Year Old Class, September, 2009

Hannah, first day of Two Year Old Class, September 2008

"All of life is a constant education." Eleanor Roosevelt


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