Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Love Notes

Since Em was a very young child, I have written her love notes. When she could not read, I'd draw little pictures. I'd leave them on her nightstand, in her lunch box, in her school bag, in her pencil box at school. She has always loved them.

In fact, when she was in first grade, which proved to be a really challenging year, I wrote her notes on her napkin each and everyday. One morning, she asked me sheepishly to stop. Not wanting to upset her or embarrass her, I did as she requested. Her teacher pulled me into the classroom one day, and asked me to look in her pencil box...there they were, every single one. She didn't have any more room. I figured she threw them away each day, but no, she kept them. Sweet girl.

Em and I are blessed to spend some of our days in the same building. The Lord has granted me a wonderful job that I love. I feel called to serve Him and only God could have orchestrated this position for me. It just so happens, it is at Emily's school. Because of the senritive nature of materials in and on my desk, I cover it when the school will be used for church functions. Imagine my delight when I pulled the cover off to find this little ditty...

A few days ago, I pulled down the covers to go to bed and noticed Emily's camel Web*kin on my nightstand. Our puppy, Maggie had chewed the tail clear off. Accompanying the maimed camel, was a note..."For you, Mommy to sow. He is my favrite. E " Yet another love note. A joy for me to fix her camel, but it touches my spirit to share this tradition. Whether we share through spoken word, written word or heartfelt word, we share. And I love that.

She is a love note God wrote to me. A daily reminder of his providence and provision. Hannah is just about the age Em was when we began this tradition...I think I will go find a post it...


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