Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Red, White and Blue

Love this long sweater vest and leggings. Sweet Pea wore it to school today and I was very thankful that we have once again avoided the Mack Truck known as J*stice.

For those of you with little girls J*stice is a very glitzy and glam clothing store. Sweet Pea is currently infatuated with all things J*stice. I have never purchased anything from this store and she is begging for something for her birthday next week. Do you think a plain t-shirt will do? Oh no, she wants sparkles and has a 40% off coupon to prove it!

On the way home from school drop off this morning I was chatting with a friend about the disaster known as our school car line. Apparently one mom thought it ok to abandon her car in car line and go in to the school building. you see the 30 + people in their cars waiting for you to move so their children can get to school on time?

The conversation went to clothing as our weather changed drastically over night. She mentioned the Red, White and Blue they were supposed to wear today. Insert chest deflating here. I was on cloud nine after our morning of success only to be reminded it's Red, White and Blue Day to celebrate Constitution Day. It's been on my calendar for weeks. I must have looked at it 95 times. Oh well, the pink in her leggings can suffice for red and I know there was white. What about the's starts with a B like blue. Does that count?


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