Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sums it Up

Stopped in at church today and in a conversation about folding bulletins the office staff summed up my children perfectly.

The Dog would never work in the office.
Buddy would work in the office but expect to get paid.
Sweet Pea would work in the office for free and do a great job.

I suspect Sweet Pea would expect me to pay her but she wouldn't expect payment from the church.

So, what does this say about my children?

I'm not surprised I got an email from The Dog's 8th grade science teacher about missing homework. How does a parent motivate an 8th grader? We are going to pull him from football and baseball and not allow him to go to the Back to School Dance Friday night? Unfortunately, I don't even think this will be enough. It makes me and my husband absolutely CRAZY!!! It's been a problem every year of middle school. He just doesn't want do it. We have talked to him until we are blue in the face. We tell him it just gets worse. The problem never goes away.

We welcome your ideas....


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