Wednesday, March 28, 2012

G Rated

Both the post and the movie we saw this weekend are G-rated :)

We enjoyed The Mighty Macs as a family this weekend. It's so nice to see a G-rated movie that the whole family can enjoy. You can be sure that The Dog (who is 13!) was ducking and weaving not to be seen out to the movies with his family. I think he avoided any and all familiar faces in our back row seats of the dark theatre. I recommend this movie for any family with children 8 - 13 like ours.

I started a little Christmas Shopping this morning. What else do you do on a Monday morning when you should be emptying the dishwasher, making beds, and cleaning up the general chaos that is littered about after a weekend? Don't tell Sweet Pea but I got wind of a promo code for free shipping from American Girl. If you are an American Girl shopper you know that doesn't happen very often. It's good until October 31st and is 172172. Happy Shopping!

Buddy has had stitches for the past 10 days and we are crossing our fingers they come out today. Poor guy landed the wrong way on a pile of flagstone while running an obstacle course with his brother in the backyard. He cut his foot above the arch pretty badly. He has fought off infection and hobbled on crutches for over a week and we think today might be the day! Yeah!

Happy Monday!


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