Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's Halloween and the season of haunting. However, I am not haunted by ghosts but by these chairs. I can't get them out of my mind.

I posted about them in August after seeing them on a favorite consignment store's facebook page as a new arrival. We were in NH and the store is in Baltimore. I just couldn't pull the trigger sight unseen. Nor did I have any idea where I would use them.

Obviously, you know where this story is going. Fast forward 2 months...they were sold and I have a place to use them.

Now that I am finally moving forward on decorating my renovated home, after a long hiatus and to the tune of my husband saying, "just get it done", I need those chairs. I have the perfect linen blend fabric for those chairs.

I even know what color to paint them. They should be the centerpiece of my living room decorating scheme. I am haggard and tired from trolling multiple Craig*s L*st within a 3 state area for another pair of chairs so wonderful.

I mentioned the chairs to my mother and explained my dilemma as she sometimes work at said consignment store. Guess who bought the chairs? HBO! For a show! I knew those chairs were great. I told her to spread the word that if those chairs resurface they are to be MINE!

Have you ever been haunted by chairs?
Does your husband ever ask you to get a project done?


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