Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I think of demolition I think of run down houses that have been neglected and the demolition derby. I don't know much about the demolition derby but it sounded good in the sentence. What I don't think of is this beauty. Can you believe this house is going to be demolished?

I have talked about demolitions before because there is a company in our area that recycles as much as they can of a house before it is demolished. Smart company. I think you need to be a tad handier than what I can do with my pink "for girls only" tool kit. Oh, how I admire handy people. I am handy in my head it's the execution that is difficult for me. I guess that makes me an idea person.

Look at can you rip down these stairs. Aren't they gorgeous? How would one recycle these stairs. Wouldn't an entire house have to be built around these stairs?

Guess what, they don't fit in my house.


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