Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Nutcracker

These pictures are worth a thousand words.

I have had a fantastic weekend with family in Colorado.

I have never enjoyed the Nutcracker more than watching my two nieces dance. The first time for one and last time for the other. They were both spectacular and you could see how much they love to dance in the expression on their faces.

Thankfully, we saw the show on Saturday and Sunday. There was so much to see we needed to see it more than once!

We went to dinner with the lead ballerinas after tonight's show. Boy was that fun. They are really a lovely bunch of teens who love to dance and love each other.

I so wish Sweet Pea was here with me too. However, Sweet Pea and Buddy did beautifully in their Christmas Pageant today. My sweet hubby recorded the pageant on his ipad and sent it to me in installments via email. What a guy! I am missing them terribly but know we have both had super fun and busy weekends and I will be home soon.

Now for ski or not to ski. That is the question.


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