Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sample Sale

Obviously I am back from Colorado and hit the ground running with holiday shopping and festivities. I finally hit the couch for a few hours yesterday as it all caught up with me!

Friday was two holiday parties. It's always so much fun to catch up with friends! Saturday morning my elves and I sent off our Christmas cards. I really couldn't have done it without my elves. Card stuffing and addressing was followed quickly by major house clean up as we hosted dinner for The Dog"s Church Youth Group progressive dinner Saturday night. I was so proud of myself for taking the easy way out on the dinner - Stouffer's prepared the most delicious lasagna for our festivities. Pepperidge Farm was the bread of choice and I slaved over a ceasar salad with Brianna's dressing. All in all very unusual for me, the one who likes to do all my own cooking, but such a relief to just have it done. I knew our teens weren't here for the food!

In between card writing and house clean up, my hubby and I finally put down the carpet we purchased for the living room. As with most things I buy, there's a story. Bear with me a minute as I jump around and back to the 1st weekend in December when I visited the Galbraith & Paul Sample Sale.

Piles of Pillows from website

iphone photo at the sale

Until 6 months ago I didn't know much about Galbraith & Paul. I first heard about them here when Erika mentioned their fabrics on her blog, Urban Grace. I loved the Sweet Pea pattern she showed in that post. Fast forward a year or two and a decorator mentions them again. I knew their name rang a bell but had no idea it was a local company or that they host a fabulous Sample Sale in December that is open to the public - wahoo! I sometimes think I live in the warehouse sale capitol. Not complaining. Just stating an observation.

remnants by the pound

iphone photo of the pile

As you might know by now, I don't like to miss a good sale. And since I am up to my eyeballs in redecorating the timing was perfect. I very much enjoyed their sale - piles of pillows, perfect pendants, mounds of fabric remnants by the pound and just a few rugs. Their fabrics are hand printed and beautifully crafted. They also sell ready made pillows through Room and Board.

A sampling of pendants

Their patterns can be printed on velvet, linen or silk. I picked up two of these rectangular donut pillows to rest in the back of the infamous cane back chairs.

I also bought 4.5 pounds of fabric pieces to use for pillows. It was very fun mixing and matching. After waiting in a very long line to check out I was about to blow right by the rugs that were in a side office as I was leaving. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to stop and see what it was about. They only had about 6 rugs but I thought I should see what they had just to educate myself a bit more.

Guess what....I found something! The rug is above with the sample of the Living Room inspiration fabric. Their rugs are wool and silk and retail for est $11,000. My price for this 9 x 12 beauty was $900. You read it right... $900. I couldn't pass it up. It had been in a showroom and had a couple of tiny spots on it. Truly makes it easier for me to have in my house because I am always a nervous wreck with truly new (read perfect) items as they are sure to be damaged in this zoo. I was told a famous tennis player who was once married to Tatum has this exact rug in his Dining Room!

We love it and can't wait for the furniture and curtains to arrive! I promise to share when it's all done....just takes me a long time to get anything finished.

Do you like the rug? Have you ever heard of Galbraith & Paul? Do you like their fabrics?

Courtney....the monogram store is Threadwell in Chestnut Hill. Happy Shopping! They will monogram on their product or yours.


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