Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lessons Learned

I am not a sports fan. I know a lot about various sports due to growing up in a sports oriented home and working with big sports fans. However, I find myself very upset from the death of Joe Paterno. He was the Coach of the Nittany Lions since I was eight years old. I found myself tearing up watching the funeral (ie Memorial for Joe). I have known about Coach Paterno for my entire life and all of the good things that he has done. What a great man and what a great tribute to that great man. I know that many of you will question my feelings but I am truly sorry for his loss and he will be missed.

We will all continue to pray for the victims of the mess that Jerry Sandusky is responsible for. However, I feel that the Board of Trustees must go and that they should posthumously revoke Joe Paterno's firing. How do you feel?


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