Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Mistake - in detail

I alluded to a paint mistake a couple of days ago - here's proof. Although the before is a bit dark, both paint and lighting :), you can see the difference.

The issue was the warm color of the custom headboard and cool color of the wall color. The original thought was that the warm tones would pop off the wall color. That was true although finding curtain fabric has been nearly impossible. I decided to bite the bullet, consult a decorator and find a new paint color.

Here's the after....Benjamin Moore 1045 Lady Finger.

Forgive the folded laundry waiting to find a home and the bench mistake.

Sweet Pea says it's yellow. Geez, how is it they know exactly when you don't want their opinion? My hubby was away a few days and I had it done this week while he was gone. He walked in late at night to all the lights on and wondered why it seemed so bright. He wasn't sure whether it was the lighting or the color. He was pretty funny about it and didn't mind a bit. We actually like it now and know that our curtain search soon will be over.

I love our renovations but have to admit to having a hard time photographing the spaces. I love our house but see every unfinished detail or decorating "mistake" in each photo I take. They just don't do the project justice. I know you all must be curious but I am having a really hard time capturing our new spaces for your perusal. I'm working on it, I promise.


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