Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes We Have to Admit a Mistake

The painter is back at my house. Already. Sometimes we have to admit we made a mistake. This time it's a decorating mistake and the mistake is in my master bedroom. The new color is on the left (Benjamin Moore Lady Finger #1045) and the old color on the right in the photo above.

I picked paint colors last year on December 26th armed with a paint deck in my kitchen and 2 friends who had recently renovated. They were the best Christmas gift I received that year. We had huge success in every room but the master bedroom. The room is large and can handle a dark color. The thought behind the choice was to pick the dark color so the lighter colors would pop. That worked, a little bit.

The crux of the problem....I mixed a cool color with a warm color. Try finding curtain fabric with that in mind. Just didn't happen. The only fabric that was possible was $180 per yard and, honestly, it's cheaper to paint. I didn't even love the fabric that much either.

You might not know it but I am married to best guy in town. His only response, " Why?". So, I told him why and he said, "Ok". I'm one lucky girl!

I like it already....hoping to select curtain fabric....PRONTO!


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