Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I'm Loving - January 2012 edition

As I cleaned and vacuumed the very neglected basement playroom today I created a post on my favorite things in my head. Each seems to relate back to a few of my most important goals for 2012.

1) Treadmill - my hubby got me an amazing treadmill for Christmas and I have used it every day since. I hope to work off a few extra pounds that will lead to a healthier, happier and thinner 2012. It's amazing how much easier it is to get the workout in when I am in the comfort of my own corner of the basement.

2) Moisturizing lip gloss - Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss
I just happened upon this when I was cleaning out (are you catching a theme?) paper and catalogs. I was doing a quick peruse of the Mary Kay catalog before tossing it in the recycling pile. Mid-peruse I saw a sample and tried it on, something I never do. Even better... I loved the product. It is the NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss and I love the Fancy Nancy and Cafe Au Lait colors. Who couldn't love any color called Fancy Nancy. It's moisturizing and shiny. I liked it so much I bought 2 - one for my purse and one for my makeup dresser. Hoping that encourages me to reapply frequently as my lips usually get a single application per day. I am trying to be better about that.

3) Vacuum - My tool of choice when cleaning and organizing is my Dyson. If it's possible to love a vacuum then I love mine. It's powerful, flexible and will clean up nearly anything. When I vacuum I want to do it once and do it well. My Dyson is the vacuum for the job. Second in line for favorite vacuum is my shopvac. I'll let them duke it out but each is reliable and wonderful in it's own way.

4) Work out Gear - what's a treadmill without a few new pieces of workout gear. Granted I am not in the gym any more but always fun to wear cute clothes that feel great. Love my Lululemon and Athleta. Especially this Athleta Renew jacket....would buy it in every color if they still had it in my size. Not super heavy but a great body skimming fit and a wonderful layering piece.

5) And finally, here's to the design world pickhng back up after the holiday break. I read today,
"the best way to get organized is to stay home".

That's exactly what I needed to get myself in gear. I tend to run errands and stop here and there while the children are in school. Not the best for being on top of home making. So, I made lots of follow up calls today and am so excited that the curtains are nearly done and the living room trim (upper right) is due next week. All that means I will have curtains on my windows in no time...yeah! Now to shop for perhaps.


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