Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Love

Sweet Pea's Valentine's Collage

So many things are happening lately that make me feel my age. In a good way, if that's at all possible. Since today is Valentine's Day I'll start there. Once upon a time I looked forward to this day because of the roses. Then I looked forward to jewelry and nice dinners out. Then we moved to dinners in with our children. And now we say, "No gifts" and are happiest to spend the day loving on each other and our children. Now that's Valentine's Day!

I found these really cute Valentine's mailboxes at our grocery store (Wegman's for any locals) for $2.99. We have enjoyed leaving notes and treats in the mailboxes for the past 2 weeks. They even hold an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies thanks to some very generous brothers.
Today they were chock full of treats. I warned the children no presents this year. I still feel tapped out from Christmas and the day isn't about the gifts. So, a few treats from Mom and $5 from Dad were well enjoyed.

My friend at tennis told me about her Valentine's Surprise. Her husband came home with her favorite flowers,Lillies, after work yesterday. What she loved more than the flowers was the post it note she found on the car dash that said "Lillies". She loved that he didn't just dash in to the local grocery and come home with what they had. He wrote himself a note to be sure he remembered to pick up her favorite flower on the way home. Let's not clue him in that it was the post it note she loved most!

And finally, An Ode to Mom Valentine Acrostic a la Sweet pea....
Loves to cook
Eats a lot
Not fat/Not nerdy
Not nervous (added when she realized her typo)
Eat food she makes
She is a great Mom

She had me at Hello!
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you feel loved today!


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