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Coach Blog Sale

I am selling this Coach Madison large wristlet in Plum. It retails for $118 and I am selling it for $95.00 It is brand new and never used. . All payments must be made thru Paypal. Email me at if you are interested. Happy Shopping.

Tote to Die For

Oprah has it on her favorite things list. You have to admit that this sumptuous woven tote from Lance Wovens is to die for. It is also pricey at $595.00. I just had to share it with all of you because I adore it.

Style Comes In all Areas

When we think of style we tend to think of home decor and clothing. However, style comes in all areas don't you agree?  As many of you know I am on a diet and also am dealing with cholesterol issues. One of my favorite places to dine casually on my diet is Panera Bread. They have the most wonderful egg white sandwich (shown above) and their oatmeal is to die for. They also have a wonderful rewards program which gives you an unexpected treat now and again.

What is your go to place for stylish casual food?

Things I'm Loving - January 2012 edition

As I cleaned and vacuumed the very neglected basement playroom today I created a post on my favorite things in my head. Each seems to relate back to a few of my most important goals for 2012.

1) Treadmill - my hubby got me an amazing treadmill for Christmas and I have used it every day since. I hope to work off a few extra pounds that will lead to a healthier, happier and thinner 2012. It's amazing how much easier it is to get the workout in when I am in the comfort of my own corner of the basement.

2) Moisturizing lip gloss - Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss
I just happened upon this when I was cleaning out (are you catching a theme?) paper and catalogs. I was doing a quick peruse of the Mary Kay catalog before tossing it in the recycling pile. Mid-peruse I saw a sample and tried it on, something I never do. Even better... I loved the product. It is the NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss and I love the Fancy Nancy and Cafe Au Lait colors. Who couldn't love any color called Fancy Nancy. It's moisturizing and shiny. I liked it so much I bought 2 - one for my purse and one for my makeup dresser. Hoping that encourages me to reapply frequently as my lips usually get a single application per day. I am trying to be better about that.

3) Vacuum - My tool of choice when cleaning and organizing is my Dyson. If it's possible to love a vacuum then I love mine. It's powerful, flexible and will clean up nearly anything. When I vacuum I want to do it once and do it well. My Dyson is the vacuum for the job. Second in line for favorite vacuum is my shopvac. I'll let them duke it out but each is reliable and wonderful in it's own way.

4) Work out Gear - what's a treadmill without a few new pieces of workout gear. Granted I am not in the gym any more but always fun to wear cute clothes that feel great. Love my Lululemon and Athleta. Especially this Athleta Renew jacket....would buy it in every color if they still had it in my size. Not super heavy but a great body skimming fit and a wonderful layering piece.

5) And finally, here's to the design world pickhng back up after the holiday break. I read today,
"the best way to get organized is to stay home".

That's exactly what I needed to get myself in gear. I tend to run errands and stop here and there while the children are in school. Not the best for being on top of home making. So, I made lots of follow up calls today and am so excited that the curtains are nearly done and the living room trim (upper right) is due next week. All that means I will have curtains on my windows in no time...yeah! Now to shop for perhaps.

MAC Naturally

I am in love with the new MAC Naturally Collection. It is absolutely fabulous and goes with every skintone. As usual the colors are stunning. I love MAC for color. They have lots of differents choices. Their mineral makeup is great and their selection is wonderful. Are you a MAC girl?

The Nutcracker

These pictures are worth a thousand words.

I have had a fantastic weekend with family in Colorado.

I have never enjoyed the Nutcracker more than watching my two nieces dance. The first time for one and last time for the other. They were both spectacular and you could see how much they love to dance in the expression on their faces.

Thankfully, we saw the show on Saturday and Sunday. There was so much to see we needed to see it more than once!

We went to dinner with the lead ballerinas after tonight's show. Boy was that fun. They are really a lovely bunch of teens who love to dance and love each other.

I so wish Sweet Pea was here with me too. However, Sweet Pea and Buddy did beautifully in their Christmas Pageant today. My sweet hubby recorded the pageant on his ipad and sent it to me in installments via email. What a guy! I am missing them terribly but know we have both had super fun and busy weekends and I will be home soon.

Now for ski or not to ski. That is the question.

Resort Chic

I am busy planning my vacation wardrobe and wanted to share my newest Lilly additions with you. I think that they are all fun and versatile.

Preppy Hair Accessories

It's no secret that I love accessories! Whether they be grosgrain or tortoise I love them all. I buy them everywhere and I have quite a collection. My favorite is Where do you buy your favorites?

Valentine's Day Is on The Way

For the past 15 years I have been out of town for Valentine's Day. This year I will be home and am so excited to make treats and care packages for those near and dear to my heart. I have been shopping and am excited to start acquiring my treats. What are you planning to do for those near and dear to you on this sweet holiday?

Vineyard Vines Delight

It's no secret that I love Vineyard Vines. I was looking at their website this morning and fell in love with the tote, keychain and tumbler shown below. I am an accessories junkie so it's no surprise that I adore Vineyard Vines. Are you a Vineyard Vines fan?

I have one that was given to me many years ago and would love to buy my niece one

I adore the signet ring. I have one that was given to me many years ago and would love to buy my niece one. She is not particularly preppy but I am hoping that she will "grow" into it.  I like this simple style shown above although I would use her complete monogram not just a first initial. Are you a signet ring fan? Where did you get yours? I could use some ideas.

The weekend was freezing here in the Philadelphia area. I got a chance to use all of my winter goodies. I am enjoying having a mild winter and am not sad that we have not had snow.  I must be getting old because I do not miss it.

I realize that Facebook is not a preppy blog topic

I realize that Facebook is not a preppy blog topic. However, I wanted to talk about Facebook a bit this morning.  I am on Facebook -both personally and blogwise. I use it to keep up with friends from many parts of my life who I have a hard time getting together with for one reason or another.

I have several friends who have been "hurt" by things posted on facebook--i.e. reading that a friend is hosting a party that they are not invited too, etc. I was wondering how you use Facebook and have you ever been hurt by it?  Please share.

LL Bean is 100

Oscar Meyer has the Weinermobile and LL Bean has the Bootmobile. What a great way to celebrate a 100th birthday. Happy Birthday to you LL Bean. We love you and love the products that we "preppies" buy from you. My Duck Shoes are twenty years old. I hope that the Bootmobile comes to a town near you soon.

Fun Find at Anthropologie

It's no secret that I love needlepoint loafers. Imagine my delight when I found out that Anthropologie is carrying Zalo loafers. Zalo's are not easy to find so I am thrilled to be able to purchase them locally. Are you a needlepoint loafer fan?


I am a sucker for the January sales! Yesterday I ordered this wonderful sweater from J. McLaughlin. They have many wonderful things on sale. Check out their website.

It is a frigid day in the northeast. Mother and I have some errands to run and then I am putting a log in the fire. Enjoy the day!

Sometimes We Have to Admit a Mistake

The painter is back at my house. Already. Sometimes we have to admit we made a mistake. This time it's a decorating mistake and the mistake is in my master bedroom. The new color is on the left (Benjamin Moore Lady Finger #1045) and the old color on the right in the photo above.

I picked paint colors last year on December 26th armed with a paint deck in my kitchen and 2 friends who had recently renovated. They were the best Christmas gift I received that year. We had huge success in every room but the master bedroom. The room is large and can handle a dark color. The thought behind the choice was to pick the dark color so the lighter colors would pop. That worked, a little bit.

The crux of the problem....I mixed a cool color with a warm color. Try finding curtain fabric with that in mind. Just didn't happen. The only fabric that was possible was $180 per yard and, honestly, it's cheaper to paint. I didn't even love the fabric that much either.

You might not know it but I am married to best guy in town. His only response, " Why?". So, I told him why and he said, "Ok". I'm one lucky girl!

I like it already....hoping to select curtain fabric....PRONTO!

Satchel Love

Ever since Muffy of Muffy Martini shared her love of the Cambridge Satchel Company I have been obsessed! Cambridge Satchel is a British company that makes each bag to order(although Bloomingdales's carries some). At a price of a little bit under $200 they are a great value and can be embossed for a few dollars more . Thank you Muffy!!!

Resort Shopping

I spent the morning at JC Penney  and purchased all of the above items!! I also got a few other shirts and another coverup as well!! I spend $180.00 and got so many wonderful things. I was on the hunt for some additional clothes for my upcoming vacation and decided to try Penney's. It was a successful trip and I shall head back there in the near future.  Are you a Penney's shopper? Tell me what you think.

The Mistake - in detail

I alluded to a paint mistake a couple of days ago - here's proof. Although the before is a bit dark, both paint and lighting :), you can see the difference.

The issue was the warm color of the custom headboard and cool color of the wall color. The original thought was that the warm tones would pop off the wall color. That was true although finding curtain fabric has been nearly impossible. I decided to bite the bullet, consult a decorator and find a new paint color.

Here's the after....Benjamin Moore 1045 Lady Finger.

Forgive the folded laundry waiting to find a home and the bench mistake.

Sweet Pea says it's yellow. Geez, how is it they know exactly when you don't want their opinion? My hubby was away a few days and I had it done this week while he was gone. He walked in late at night to all the lights on and wondered why it seemed so bright. He wasn't sure whether it was the lighting or the color. He was pretty funny about it and didn't mind a bit. We actually like it now and know that our curtain search soon will be over.

I love our renovations but have to admit to having a hard time photographing the spaces. I love our house but see every unfinished detail or decorating "mistake" in each photo I take. They just don't do the project justice. I know you all must be curious but I am having a really hard time capturing our new spaces for your perusal. I'm working on it, I promise.

Who knew....Zebra!

Who knew that a runner on the stairs could make my day go from rainy to sunshine....even though it's pouring rain outside!

You've seen the inspiration before but I'll show you again...

House Beautiful

And now for my "much less grand but still makes me happy" reveal....



Love the pinched Zebra!
They even had leftovers that matched perfectly (rare given a 6 ft repeat) and they are going to make me a square entry rug too. It's a great day!

Any Zebra making your day?


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